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The firm is completely managed by the family members; the holder is Bressan Daniele, qualified oenologist in the university of Udine,
in addition the team is composed by his parents, his grandfather and the two brothers.
About 1920 the great-father of Daniele began to product wine prosecco . At the time it was sold almost by measure,
with the pass of generations and with development of market, most of part of wine is bottled.
Business office is at ‘'Farra di Soligo'' by ‘'San Rocco'' 18, this area is denominated ‘'gold coast'' seen the continuous one following of hills from the sweet slant,
briskly worked, and covered of rows that also the vinary climb in some unthinkable point from which the product more love goes out: ‘'The Prosecco DOCG''.
The wine cellar is found really to the feet of famous hills and it's easily attainable following the poster indication.